How To Use Stripe Fee Calculator

Enter the amount that you want to calculate the fees for in the "Enter amount" field. Click the "Calculate Fees" button.

Stripe Fees Calculator

Stripe is a trademark that is owned by Stripe. The fee information provided is current as of January 1, 2023. This website is not affiliated to the payment processor.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

How much does stripe charge per transaction?

Stripe will charge a fee of 2.9% plus $0.3 per transaction as of 2023. When you put a number into the Stripe Fee Calculator, it will figure out how much Stripe will charge in fees for that transaction. Also, the Stripe Credit Card Fee Calculator for 2023 will give you an idea of how much you need to charge to get the amount you want after Stripe's fees are taken out.

How to calculate Stripe fees?

Here is a formula for figuring out Stripe fees based on each transaction costing 2.9% + 0.3. Stripe Fees = amount x 0.029 + 0.30 Check out Stripe Pricing if you want to learn more.

How much is the Stripe fee for $100?

Let's find out how much the $100 Stripe fee is. We plug the number into the Stripe fee formula given above. Final Fee = $100 times 0.029 + $0.3 = $2.9 + $0.3 = $3.20.

Do Stripe fees differ by Country?

Yes, is the short answer. Different countries have different Stripe fees. The fees also vary based on how you choose to be billed (ACH vs credit cards). Visit the Stripe website in your country to find out more about the fees and limits in your country.

Are there alternative payment processor to using Stripe?

You can use a different payment processor like PayPal or get paid in Bitcoin through a third party like Coinbase. Both of these options could work for you and your clients.

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